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Welcome to the Halftime Adjustments Fantasy Football Help Desk.


Have you ever wanted to bounce ideas off someone else about your team? Have you ever uttered the phrase, “Hey who should I start?” We here at Halftime Adjustments want to help you make your Adjustments. Simply ask your questions by leaving a reply. The best way would be to provide a link that we can use to see your team, ask your question, and tell us about the scoring rules in your league. We update frequently, so it shouldn’t take more than a few hours, or a day at the most to get our opinion. By the way, John and I have been playing fantasy football since 1992. We have a little bit of experience. If you would like to see my Yahoo profile look me up- rickg15.

2 responses to “Fantasy Football

  1. Edward Peck

    With my Playoff going, having a tough decision who to start for my RB, QB, and WR
    Here is what I have for WR: Terrell Owens (DAL); Sidney Rice (MIN); Ike Hillard (TB); Ronald Curry (OAK); Larry Fitzgerald (ARI); Jabar Gaffney (NE)
    For RB: Adrian Peterson (MIN); Fred Jackson (BUF); Kevin Jones (DET); Travis Henry (DEN); Chris Brown (TEN)
    For QB: Chris Redman (ATL); Jeff Garcia (TB)

  2. Edward-
    Your QB situation is ugly. If Garcia is ready to go then he is the pick hands down. I get real nervous about guys who haven’t seen the field in a few weeks. keep checking for reports on whether or not Garcia practices. If he does, good chance he’ll play. Even if he takes half the reps. Garcia knows the Bucs need this game. If he can go, he will.

    At WR Owens and Gaffney are in for certain. (Don’t you think the Pats are going to score 100 against the Jets this week?) And I would go with Fitzgerald. He played last week, and they are in a dome. Plus, the Cards should be forced to throw often against the Saints front 7.

    As an Adrian Peterson owner myself, I feel you on this decision. Terrible week, and now going against a Bears defense that might be looking for a little revenge for that 224 yard, 3 TD performance he dropped on them earlier. But you know what? You dance with who brought you. You are in the playoffs in no small part because of Peterson. You have to have confidence in him. For the other spot, you can write off Fred Jackson. The Browns have a really tough goal line d. I don’t like Brown either. He doesn’t get enough carries.

    So you’re looking at Kevin Jones or Travis Henry. That’s kind of a tough call. It seems like Shanahan is going to continue his committee approach, and so I give the edge to Jones.

    Good luck!

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