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Wager paid in full

The guys at Ghosts of Wayne Fontes have kept their word, and today there is a guest article over there. Thanks to Stan and Rupert, and of course Chris Wells and the Ohio State defense that made the victory possible. So in my five minutes of infamy over there I discussed last week’s game, and talked about the Ohio-Michigan, and Cleveland-Detroit rivalry. It was fun, and I hope that I get to do it again. It seems that Rupert is not an M-State fan, but in fact a UM guy. So he insisted on the same wager for The Game. No problem. That post would be a lot more fun to write I have to say.


So go check out the post. Ok. No really, go check it out. Serious. Why are you still here?

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4th Quarter update- Ohio State 24, Michigan State 14

Sloppy offensive play has led to a close game in Columbus. The defense has been perfect. The offense has given up two touchdowns. Boeckman has thrown a pick six, and a fumble was picked up and returned for a TD as well. Besides the turnovers, the offense has at least 4 false start penalties. Just a terrible second half performance.


Tressel-ball needs some review this week. Play smart, don’t turn the ball over, let the defense win the game. Come on guys, you’re better than this. No matter what Bob Griese says.

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Haltime Report- Buckeyes 17, Spartans 0


It really isn’t that close. Chris Wells has over 100 yards on 10 carries. Ohio State has self-destructed a few times in Michigan State territory. Yeah, that was pass interference, but let’s face it, the previous play was an obvious fumble by Ringer. I figure the two cancel each other out. Mo Wells looks terrible to me. If Chris Wells had his carries he would have another 30 yards at least. Here’s hoping Chris gets some work in the second half. I was thinking he hasn’t been asked to carry the ball 25 or 30 times yet this year. With the schedule we have coming up, he may need to.

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A friendly internet wager?

Ghosts of Wayne Fontes is pretty confident in their Michigan State squad. I wonder how confident? I challenged them to a little contest. Winner of the Ohio State game gets a ‘guest column’ on the loser’s site. Sounds fair enough to me- how about you Fontes? Do you believe in Sparty?



UPDATE: And so it appears the challenge has been accepted. Playing on behalf of Stan and the gang at Ghosts of Wayne Fontes- Michigan State. And for the Halftime Adjustments- The Ohio State University. Good luck, and go Buckeyes!


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