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One on One with the Buckeye Battle Cry- part 2

Wanted to give the rest of our conversation with Jeff over at the BBC. You can view part 1 here.

Halftime Adjustments- Did you play sports in high school?

Buckeye Battle Cry- I was on the football team my senior year, but it was so I could learn more about the sport from a great coach (Bob Cummings, who coached Iowa)Also, I was on the swim team, the diving team, and the water polo team (only 8 WP teams in the whole state back then.) I was a skinny guy, so in football I played WR and DB.

HA- Your videos are maybe more widely seen than your blog has been read to this point, how long have you been making the videos? What’s your favorite?

BBC- The videos are only about three months older than the blog. I started making them to play on the big screens at Damon’s, and YouTube just seemed like a place to store them. My favorite is still “Texas Had A Bad Day“. When the ball floats in the air, and into Ted Ginn’s hands as the music swells a little bit, it’s enough to bring a little tear to my eye. But if I want to get fired up, it’s “Buckeye Thunderstruck” or “Boom!”

Here’s Buckeye Thunderstruck-

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One on One with…the Buckeye Battle Cry! Part 1

From time to time (read= whenever it strikes our fancy) Halftime Adjustments will go one on one with another blogger or athlete. Today we match wits with Jeff from the Buckeye Battle Cry.

Halftime Adjustments- Hey Jeff thanks for agreeing to talk with our readers today, let’s get right into it. You are obviously a big Buckeye fan, where did you grow up?

BBC- Born and raised in Canton, Ohio. I drifted a little bit (NYC, LA, Knoxville) but Canton is home.

HA- So you’re from Canton, have you been to the Hall of Fame?


BBC- LOL. More than you know. I was their paper boy for five years. Used to make it last on the route so I could tour the place after the delivery was finished. Continue reading

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