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Rutgers 30- #2 South Florida 27

But Ohio State doesn’t deserve the #1 ranking. Right. We’ll see my friends. We’ll see.


Recap here. Ray Rice with 181 rushing yards on the night. Great Defense there in South Florida. I seem to remember some phrase about defense winning championships. That is why OSU hasn’t lost been bitten by the upset bug this year.

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The NFL’s Mutants-The Tight End

Ozzie Newsome

Remember on the High School football team that guy who was about 6’5″ and 260 pounds. He was an offensive tackle right? Not in the NFL. That guy is a Tight End in today’s game. The hybrid player who is (in theory) part offensive lineman and part receiver. Many fantasy football leagues have drifted away from having a dedicated starting TE position to a WR/TE position. But some of you out there have to start a tight end every week. Today is especially for you on Halftime Adjustments. So without further adieu (not Freddy Adu, wrong footbol), let’s get rolling.

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No Pantyhose Here . . . A Look at the Quarterbacks

I guess that was a pretty obscure Joe Namath reference, huh? As Rick mentioned yesterday, the Running Back is the money position in the fantasy football realm, but if you don’t have three of the first ten picks in your league then you are going to want a solid Quarterback on that roster. We’ve done the legwork for you (you can thank us by engraving our names on your league trophy). Let’s get started: Continue reading


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Fantasy Football Preview…the Running Backs

You know how you go to a restaurant and they bring out some weak looking salad and lame piece of bread to start off your meal? Not here at Halftime Adjustments- we bring out the meat! Everyone knows that Running Back is the key position in fantasy football. If you aren’t getting production from your backs, you aren’t winning.

This week we offer up our fantasy draft preview. Today Running Backs, tomorrow pretty boys, I mean QB’s. Wednesday is for Wide Receivers, Thursday Tight ends, and Friday we will serve up a double decker with Defenses and Kickers. Continue reading

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