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Wells romps, defense sacks Wisconsin


Chris Wells put the Buckeyes on his back and carried them to a 38-17 win over the Badgers. Wells ran for three scores and 169 yards on 21 carries. This game was much closer than the final score indicates, as Wisconsin had a 17-10 lead in the third quarter. That was when Wells took over. He had 90+ yards in the third quarter. His first TD covered 31 yards, his second a mere 30. He showed a great burst of speed, as well as the trademark power that we have come to expect from Wells.

On the defensive side of the ball Ohio State recorded 10 sacks, including 4 from Vernon Gholston. Officially the Badgers had 12 yards rushing on 37 carries. However, freshman Zach Brown was effective running for 63 yards. (Yards lost on sacks count against the rushing totals, and they lost nearly 50 yards on sacks.) Tight End Travis Beckum killed the Buckeyes today, catching 9 passes for 140 yards and a score. Continue reading

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What they are saying about Ohio State vs Wisconsin

It appears many of you appreciated the round-up from last week’s match-up, so I figured I’d give it another go. Certainly there are fewer detractors this week, as many were convinced the Buckeyes are at least worthy of a top 5 spot if not #1.


Todd McShay wrote a quite favorable piece on Todd Boeckman and the O-line, but I see that it is an insider piece, so linking to it won’t help. I’ll give you a snippet of the piece here-

“Size can be an overrated characteristic, but it definitely plays a role in Boeckman’s success. He has no trouble seeing over his massive offensive linemen, and his passing windows often are unobstructed. Boeckman shows no fear of taking a hit while his body is exposed during delivery, and he is sturdy enough to throw while defenders dangle from his legs.”

And about the line-

“The lesson learned is that Ohio State has very little trouble dealing with perimeter pass-rushers. First off, OTs Alex Boone and Kirk Barton are borderline impenetrable — just ask Penn State DE Maurice Evans.”

Bruce Hooley breaks down the Badgers and what they will have to do to beat the Bucks. When asked what the plan was to stop Ohio State, head coach Bret Bielema offered this-

“We’re going to try to play with 12 guys”

That might work coach. Continue reading


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A friendly wager…part 3

Well, I have indeed found a taker for this week’s post-swap wager. Brats and Beer is a Wisconsin sports site that covers the Badgers, Packers and Cyclones. They are willing to participate in the friendly wager this week. Actually, I’m not sure its friendly this time. Check out the email I received notifying me they were interested-

I will accept your blogging wager on the UW – OSU game this weekend.
I am preparing my post of victory and triumph to send to you after
the mighty forces of Wisconsin carry the field on Saturday, but if
the unholy Buckeyes somehow manage to defeat the righteous and
powerful Badgers, you may submit a post on Brats & Beer proclaiming
power of Lucifer and his minion Tressel, or whatever other filth you
see fit to publish.

Game on, sucka!

It was the last part that threw me. Who says sucka? Anyway I am glad that we found a blog to keep the streak intact. I should probably start looking at Illinois blogs now. Any regular readers run an Illini blog?

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What about the wager?

Some of you have been asking about the wager we had with there is no name on my jersey. The post was delivered, and so we shall be patient and wait for them to format the post to their style. UPDATE: The post is up.

The next question- will there be a wager with a Wisconsin blog? Well…I am afraid of sounding really arrogant or terrible here…but I’ve been looking for one to offer the wager with…and to be honest…there aren’t many decent Badger blogs out there. I’m sorry, but if you haven’t posted anything in October I’m not going to offer you the wager. If you know of a good Badger site then please leave me a comment and I will check it out, but it looks like slim pickings.

I know, I know- “Who are you mr. bigshot blog!?” I realize that more people go to see the Devil Rays play than read my blog each week (it’s close though). But if you aren’t making at least an effort why should I waste my time with your blog? Maybe somebody at Deadspin is a closet Badger fan. I don’t know, but please anyone come forward and stand up for your Badgers this week!


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Carmen Ohio, a capella

Buckeye Commentary¬†brought to our attention that the Ohio State band did not travel to Penn State on Saturday. According to Buckeye lineman Kirk Barton the reason is because the last time the band went to Happy Valley, they were pelted with all types of objects, some that may have included human waste. Whether it is true or not, the band did not accompany the team, which led to an a capella version of the Alma Mater after this week’s big win. Continue reading

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