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In case you missed it…

If you’re like me about ten minutes of Bonds coverage and 2 minutes of A-Rod news is about all you can take. So after the indictment and contract news yesterday, you may have turned your tv off, or at least your sports radar down to keep your sanity. What you might have missed was an Oregon upset at the hands of Arizona. That’s right, #2 went down again. Yeah, star QB Dixon was injured. But regardless the Ducks lost to a 4-6 team. Thanks for playing Ducks, pick up your consolation prize at the door.


Do I think the Buckeyes have a shot at climbing into one of the top 2 spots? Probably not. I think that LSU would have to lose for that to happen. Kansas and Missouri play each other, with the winner likely facing Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship. One of those teams will make it to the BCS Championship. West Virginia is ahead of the Buckeyes, but plays Cincinnati, UConn and Pitt. Certainly the Bearcats or the Huskies have a shot at upending the Mountaineers. If West Virginia runs the table they would get in before the Buckeyes easily. Arizona State is one spot behind OSU in the BCS rankings, and plays USC and Arizona. Both are home games. Should they beat USC look for them to leapfrog Ohio State in the polls.

So that means LSU would have to lose another game, West Virginia would have to lose to Cincy or UConn, Arizona State would need to lose one of its remaining games, and the Big 12 games simply need to play themselves out.

Possible? Sure anything’s possible, especially this year. But realistic? Probably not. Let’s enjoy this game Saturday and look forward to the Rose Bowl. If the perfect storm comes along, then we’ll talk about something better.

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Starting to feel it…

The Game is only a couple days away now. Here’s a little reminder of what The Game is all about. Cue the tape…

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Wait…is it Michigan week!?!?


Um, yeah it is. And I’m pleased to announce that once again our neighbors to the north have agreed to a little friendly internet wager. That’s right, its Ohio State representing Halftime Adjustments, and Michigan playing for the Ghosts of Wayne Fontes. Should be a great game with the Big Ten title on the line, but more than that is on the line. How about a guest post from the winner. Oh yeah, and just to liven things up a bit…I propose the loser must post a picture of himself dressed in the winner’s colors. Sound interesting? It does to me. And the Buckeyes better come through, because my skin might burn if I have to wear a maize and blue ground hog jersey! Here’s hoping we see Rupert looking like Mike Golic a few years back…

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Seems like old times…

My dad used to tell me, “Every year a Buckeye fan wants three things. Most important is beat Michigan. Second is win the Big Ten. And finally win the Rose Bowl.”


Yeah, this one stung for a little while. But I keep thinking back to the beginning of the season. If you would have told me that we would be playing Michigan for the Big Ten title and a possible trip to the Rose Bowl, I’d have taken that grinning from ear to ear. This was supposed to be a ‘down’ year for the Buckeyes. This team is young and was supposed to be learning how to win. They had not faced adversity yet this season. Now, they have their backs to the wall a little. Continue reading


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