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They fear the vest!

Seriously…does anyone want to coach Michigan?


This morning’s report that Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano has decided to stay at Rutgers instead of accepting the open job at Michigan has to be disheartening for the big blue alumni and fans. Even before Lloyd Carr’s retirement presser it was a foregone conclusion that LSU’s Les Miles would jump at the chance to coach at his Alma mater. Last weekend that idea hit a serious snag. Miles decided the grass wasn’t greener in Michigan. His contract extension reported yesterday pretty much slammed the door on any return to groundhog country.

The man on the left is Iowa’s coach Kirk Ferentz. He was or wasn’t a serious candidate for the position as well. That depends who you talk to. According to the Detroit News however, he is no longer being considered. Could he be the third candidate to say thanks, but no thanks to what was called by many to be “the best coaching job in the country”? Actually, the first man to say no thank you would have been Stanford coach, and UM grad Jim Harbaugh, but let’s be real, he wasn’t going to be a candidate anyway. Continue reading


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It never gets old

Carmen Ohio is just better on the road. Don’t know why, but it is.

Thanks to Eleven Warriors for the find.


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Starting to feel it…

The Game is only a couple days away now. Here’s a little reminder of what The Game is all about. Cue the tape…

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New links in the Blogroll…

There are a few new friends in the Blogroll. Obviously we added Ghosts of Wayne Fontes because of our friendly wager with them last week. They have quality stuff over there, and even though they are from a certain northern state, they are decent guys as well.

For some reason we never had Juiced Sports Blog in the roll, which we corrected. They actually named us in their 100 most influential sports bloggers post. Somewhere in the 30’s if I remember. Not sure why, but hey, we’ll take it!

The Sports Diva covers all the Ohio teams, and well, she asked us for a link. Sometimes that is all it takes.

I’m truly impressed with Cleveland Sports Authority. A fresh new blog with excellent writing. If you are a fan of Northern Ohio sports, you should be reading it.

Yeah, then there’s the Halftime Adjustments team shop. Really, I just wanted a shirt to wear and promote the site. But, you never know. If I get a clever for a shirt someone may want one. I get no commission on any of these, pure cost.

And, well I couldn’t resist. Saw this on The Big Lead and couldn’t help myself.

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heartbroken. again.

(not my original choice for song. apparently Billy Joel doesn’t allow embedding. link here.)

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One on One with the Buckeye Battle Cry- part 2

Wanted to give the rest of our conversation with Jeff over at the BBC. You can view part 1 here.

Halftime Adjustments- Did you play sports in high school?

Buckeye Battle Cry- I was on the football team my senior year, but it was so I could learn more about the sport from a great coach (Bob Cummings, who coached Iowa)Also, I was on the swim team, the diving team, and the water polo team (only 8 WP teams in the whole state back then.) I was a skinny guy, so in football I played WR and DB.

HA- Your videos are maybe more widely seen than your blog has been read to this point, how long have you been making the videos? What’s your favorite?

BBC- The videos are only about three months older than the blog. I started making them to play on the big screens at Damon’s, and YouTube just seemed like a place to store them. My favorite is still “Texas Had A Bad Day“. When the ball floats in the air, and into Ted Ginn’s hands as the music swells a little bit, it’s enough to bring a little tear to my eye. But if I want to get fired up, it’s “Buckeye Thunderstruck” or “Boom!”

Here’s Buckeye Thunderstruck-

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Running down the dream…

The magic number…

What I especially liked about tonight’s win over Oakland was the workman like way the Tribe approached the game. There could have been a letdown. Big series sweep, then a day off? Yeah, that’s a recipe for a trap game. But Fausto and the Indians handled their business and came away with the W. It was Carmona’s 18th for the season. He pitched well, though he gave up more walks than usual, which led to a higher pitch count early. He finished the sixth inning, giving up 5 hits, 1 run, striking out 7, and walking 4. A bigger story tonight might be that Rafael Perez gave up 2 runs. I guess he’s human after all. Continue reading

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