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That didn’t take long…

ESPN reports that the Cavs have indeed matched the offer sheet given to Anderson Varejao by the Bobcats. It is not known at this time when the Cavs can expect their high-energy big man back in the line-up.

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Varejao signs contract with Bobcats

Anderson Varejao has inked a deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. The Cavs now have one week to match, or the wild-haired one is free to leave.


Credit Cleveland Sports Authority with the first scoop on this one. It seems the Bobcats have tendered a three year, $17.4 million dollar deal. The contract reportedly has an opt-out clause after 2 seasons. So the big question now, is whether or not the Cavaliers will match. $5.8 million per season is much higher than the Cavaliers have been offering their 6th man, but it also well short of the $8 million per that Anderson’s agent had offered the Cavs, and for half the years.

Do the Cavs have that much room left on the books? If they do, (and I imagine that would mean the mid-level exemption) it would be hard to imagine that they wouldn’t match. The Cavs can desperately use Varejao’s energy and defense. It is hard to imagine them as a Championship caliber team without him. He is a valuable piece, but not if he ties the Cavaliers’ hands for years to come. This deal seems to be the right amount. Let’s get it done and move on with the season.

Seems like the Charlotte Observer has an additional take on this story. Rick Bonnell seems to think this could be a favor for agent Dan Fegan to move the process along. Not that the Bobcats wouldn’t like to have Anderson, but it seems they are figuring the Cavs will indeed match.

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The rich getting richer

Buster Olney is reporting that “the framework for a deal” is being constructed between Boston and Minnesota. Here’s a hint- the Red Sox aren’t looking at Nick Punto.


As it is being reported, the deal is Johan Santana for Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, and minor leaguer Jed Lowrie. A fourth player is being discussed. Obviously, this deal would be dependent on Santana agreeing, and possibly reaching an extension with the Red Sox.

Seriously, do you think Santana says no to this trade? And Minnesota, is that the best you can fleece from Boston? They have been looking to dump Crisp, Jon Lester is a great story, but not a great pitcher, and how good could Jed Lowrie be that great if he couldn’t beat out the corpse they have at ss now?

Of course there is a chance this deal never gets done. If another team beats the Red Sox offer who do you think it will be? Right. The Yankees, who would have to dangle Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera to entice the Twins away from Boston’s proposal. Either way, it looks very unlikely that Santana is pitching for the Twins again next year. If Boston lands the lefty, it looks like they have their one two punch set for a few years with Beckett and Santana, with Dice-K and Schilling rounding out the rotation. Continue reading


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The Return of Sasha

As promised Pat’s article about Sasha Pavlovic. 


As the Association kicked off its 2007-08 campaign last night many Cavs fans including yours truly was wondering what does this season hold for our reigning Eastern Conference champs. Oh boy, what a difference a night makes.

As this once called guru awoke opening day for the Wine and Gold, he made breakfast and tuned as he does every morning to Mike and Mike on ESPN2. As the ticker on ESPN2 ran across saying “Cavaliers and G/F Sasha Pavlovic reach terms on a 3 year deal”, the excitement for tonight’s game grew even greater. The terms are somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million a year, not a bad deal for a weapon like Sasha.

Immediate reports say that Pavlovic may be at the game tonight, but will not play. During his hold out he was working out twice a day with a coach in his home country of Serbia Montenegro to maintain his condition to be ready when signed. Continue reading


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Good News on the Browns

thomas.jpgthomas.jpgthomas.jpgthomas.jpgthomas.jpgSo the Browns signed first rounder Joe Thomas (3rd overall) and their second round selection CB Eric Wright. These signings are especially important for the Browns because they both are expected to compete for starting spots. Getting them to camp was priority one for Phil Savage. Certainly we would love to have all of the draft picks at camp when it begins today, but I believe most Browns fans are willing to let Savage do what he has to do and stand firm with Brady Quinn. Let’s face facts- Quinn had little chance to win the starting job this year. With the brutal schedule to open the season, it was always going to be Charlie Frye or possibly Derek Anderson. I give the edge to Frye myself.

wright.jpgSo I applaud the efforts made to get Wright and Thomas into camp. Let’s make sure we recognize that Thomas signed for a little less than what #4 pick Gaines Adams signed for with Tampa Bay. Certainly they had Gaines’ contract numbers reported to them, but they didn’t let that get in the way of what they had already discussed. Thomas said from day one he expected to be in camp on time. Credit him for making it happen along with Savage. The only thing that I am a little disappointed in is the contract length. Apparently there is a clause that can void the sixth year of the deal. ESPN’s article seemed to infer that it was the player’s option, meaning if Thomas is the real deal he can be a free agent sooner. I guess that is a concession the Browns had to make to get him in camp. So be it. Good job Savage. As for Brady Quinn- you’re an idiot to hold out for very long. You might as well flush this season down the toilet if you make Crennel mad.

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Tangent Friday…contracts gone crazy

Today is a significant day in the history of American Sports. David Beckham and wife Victoria have been introduced in L.A. Beckham will join the Galaxy, and try to turn their season around. I have no interest in looking up the Galaxy’s record or trying to sound even remotely educated about soccer. I am arod.jpgnot. I don’t really care. The reason this day is significant is because it could be known as the day that soccer fans were hosed to the tune of 250 million dollars. David Beckham has not come to save soccer in America. He has come to exploit the media frenzy that surround hollywood stars. His wife has a ‘reality’ t.v. show slated to come out soon, and they are going to milk the L.A. press to make themselves bigger stars here in America, the one market they haven’t really tapped. What has been the knock on Beckham his whole career? He doesn’t always play hard, doesn’t always give his best effort? Now he wants to come to an inferior league to help that league? No. David Beckham is in this for the continued globalization of his name.

Now, there is the A-Rod mess. Good job Cashman. Brilliant strategy. This would have helped a little- maybe you should have found out ahead of time if Boras and A-Rod were willing to negotiate now before you made this big deal about going against team policy to renegotiate in season. The Yankees blinked, and announced to the world that they were going to make an exception in this case, and try to get a deal done with A-Rod before he could opt out of his contract. How arrogant to think that Rodriguez would accept this invitation with open arms and sign right away. Boras says no thanks, and now the Yankess are saying if you don’t sign before the season ends we are not going to be part of the bidding war. Way to turn your fans against a player while you are trying to creep back into the playoff race. Seriously, could you have scripted this any better if you were say the Red Sox or the Angels, or even the Indians for that matter? (More after the jump.) Continue reading

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