Indians report- Sizemore honored, trade possibilities?

First thing- Congrats to Grady Sizemore on winning his first ever Rawlings Gold Glove Award.


Grady makes the routine plays, and every once in a while makes the impossible one. I think he has earned a Gold Glove. There are those in the media (I would link to the Rob Neyer article for ESPN, but it’s an insider piece) who apparently don’t think that Grady does, and they have used his mis-play of a ball in the Boston series as evidence. What a great argument. One time he didn’t get to a ball and make the ‘Gold Glove’ catch. Over the course of the season, Grady makes more of those plays than most other fielders. I’m not going to say that there could be others out there who would be as deserving, but hey, one went our guy’s way. Good job Grady.

Some interesting names coming up in trade rumors. The big name everyone is talking about of course is Miguel Cabrera. Rumors have him involved in trades to the Yankees, White Sox, and Tigers. The Marlins have typically been asking for the moon for their guys (like D-Train Willis) and I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me if he began the season in Florida again.¬† A more realistic¬†possibility after the jump.

The name being mentioned quietly with the Indians is Pirate outfielder Jason Bay. Jason had an off year last season. And I have to argue with Castrovince about his claim that Bay has ‘great plate discipline’. Look at the strike out and walk numbers. Jason’s numbers aren’t much different than Grady Sizemore’s, and the knock on Grady is that he strikes out way too much.

I have to admit that I have not seen Jason play much at all. I suppose everyone outside of Pittsburgh would have to say the same. Anyone with a good take on Jason we would appreciate it. Was last season’s drop because of the knee, or something else?

I have to say that I trust Shapiro’s judgement more than any other Cleveland GM, so if that deal is made I will get behind it and see how it plays out. Conversely, if Danny Ferry tried to tell me that my own mother makes the best cookies I would begin to question my own experience.


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12 responses to “Indians report- Sizemore honored, trade possibilities?

  1. It’s so funny, because as much as I praise the Indians’ business model and front office approach, I can’t help but covet a player like Miguel Cabrera. Sure, his weight and attitude are always going to be questions, and that (along with the obvious impending salary implications) is why the Indians will not be players in the Cabrera sweepstakes, but I think Cabrera is the best hitter I have seen since Manny Ramirez. The kid is solid, and somewhere deep down inside I wish we could pull something off to get him. But then I come to my senses, and I agree with you, I trust Shapiro et al.

    As for Jason Bay, if we could really get him for Sowers, Lee, and either Francisco or Gutierrez, I may be ok with that. But why would Pittsburgh make that deal, other than believing stronger in Sowers’ potential than pretty much anyone else. I just don’t buy it, and I’d hate to give up much more for a guy coming off a decline and a questionable strikeout rate.

  2. I read that Pittsburgh is afraid of losing him to free agency. I think his contract is up after this season, and they are afraid of what he might command in the open market. I think the Indians might be wise to take him on and see him play. If they like him they can work on an extension, something they aren’t afraid to do in season as we have seen.

  3. darthbith

    Well, the Pirates traded for Matt Morris mid-season this year, so they are known for some shady deals. However, the new owner and GM might not go for those sorts of things. Boy though, when he’s on, Bay can hit. Don’t really know why he had a down year, but Travis Hafner is in the same boat and we all know what he can do. I think I would like to see a deal involving some of our (seemingly limitless) outfield and pitching talent. It will be an interesting off-season.

  4. The thing about giving up too many of our pitching prospects is that as a GM, you have to always plan for the worst, which would mean CC not re-signing. Plus, assume (logically) that this is Byrd’s last year with the team. That opens up 2 rotation spots. Assume (logically) that Adam Miller has elbow problems and is unavailable. I’ve heard Lofgren’s name come up in trade rumors, and I just don’t think we can afford to lose him. We may need Lofgren and Laffey for the year after next. If the Pirates will really take Lee and Sowers, I say so be it, do the deal. If they are asking for Miller or Lofgren, I just don’t see how Shapiro pulls the trigger on that deal.

  5. I was kind of thinking you don’t want to give up 2 guys that are ‘major league’ ready. Let’s face it, Sowers and Lee have probably done all they can at the minor league level. You don’t have options on Lee anyway, so if he doesn’t correct himself he is going to be traded or cut.

    I’m not ready to throw Lee and Sowers away at this point. I was thinking something in the neighborhood of Lee and Francisco should get that deal done. It’s not like Bay is playing all-star baseball. If the Pirates think they should get more than Lee and a guy ready to step up to the big league level and fill Bay’s position they are crazy.

  6. charihar

    ^I disagree. Jason Bay is an All-Star player. He steals, he hits, he gets on base, he gets xbh’s, he does it all and he’s still under 30. He had a tough year, most likely due to his injuries, but he can rebound and put up even better power numbers in the next year or two while swiping 15+ bags for you. An excellent outfielder and he would be a great option for any club.

  7. I hope you’re right that he will rebound, but right now you can’t expect the moon if you’re the Pirates.

  8. By the way, Diatribe has great article on LF options for the Indians, including a ton of trade possibilities.

  9. teufelmann

    I absolutely agree with Grady getting his first Gold Glove. Now all I want to see is C.C. getting his first Cy Young. As far as Jason Bay goes, he is not a young player, so a bad season looks worse for him. The Tribe has such great young talent that I would make a push at Miguel Cabrera, or at least strongly inquire about it. There are expendable young arms the Marlins would want, and Cabrera is young (not to mention already one of the best hitters in baseball). However, I think Shapiro will not do anything crazy. He will try to dump some of the bigger contracts (i.e. David Dellucci) in order to make a run at C.C.

  10. Let me throw out this question- with Fausto and Westbrook (sinker ball pitchers) do you really want Cabrera playing third? This guy is a serious defensive liability.

  11. teufelmann

    True, he may be a defensive liability. However, he’s losing weight and I would gladly sacrifice some defense for what he brings to the table offensively.

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