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That didn’t take long…

ESPN reports that the Cavs have indeed matched the offer sheet given to Anderson Varejao by the Bobcats. It is not known at this time when the Cavs can expect their high-energy big man back in the line-up.

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Wake me up when LeBron is back…

I got to watch the Cavs last night for the first time since LeBron’s injury. It will be my last until he returns.


Do you have any friends that don’t believe LeBron should be the MVP, or perhaps think for some reason he is over-rated? I have the solution. Make them watch this game a few times. That was horrible. Terrible. I wish I could do Frank Caliendo’s Barkley impersonation here. The Cavs deserve it after that shooting demonstration. The Cavs shot 21 for 88! 34 percent for the game. To be honest, I was surprised it wasn’t worse. I had to stop watching after the third quarter. I couldn’t stand it.

Drew Gooden and Zydrunas couldn’t make a play because nobody knew how to get them the ball in a position to score. Drew had an off night shooting, but again he tried to do too much and play outside of his game. I can’t say that I blame him. Continue reading


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One deal made, one deal dead

Yesterday was a busy day at the baseball winter meetings. Unfortunately for the Tribe, ‘busy’ does not mean ‘good’.


The Tigers pulled off the trade of the year, getting 24 year old Miguel Cabrera and 25 year old Dontrelle Willis. Both players have won a World Series, and both have multiple all-star appearances. The Tigers parted with two of the top prospects in all of baseball, Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller, and four other minor leaguers.

The Indians in the meantime were rumored to be working on that Jason Bay deal. Well, reports from ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick aren’t good-

You can rule out any talk of Pittsburgh trading Jason Bay to Cleveland for a Kelly ShoppachCliff Lee package. That one is dead. Bay is Pirates GM Neal Huntington‘s main trade chip, and the Bucs aren’t going to give him away after he’s coming off such a down year. Continue reading


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